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We created this webinar series to showcase thought leaders, research, and resources that we hope will help inform and help guide how your school supports every student's social-emotional needs and growth.

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The Teaching Well

The Teaching Well supports the health and well-being of educators in order to transform school sites.

100k Mask Challenge


Lara Kain Consulting

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Presentation Resources

Regulation before Education: Strategies for a successful return

Lara Kain & Emily Daniels (May 21 & 22, 2020)

Presentation Resources
Part 2/4 - Responding to behavioral challenges
Presentation Resources
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Revisting sandy hook: Strategies to promote school safety

The Bully Project, Making

Caring Common, and Noble.  

Dr. Will Henson

using trauma-informed care to

enhance behavioral interventions

Ashanti Branch

Ashanti branch

Trauma in boys: Building resilience

through relationships

Using Trauma-informed care to identify & support at-risk students (4 Part series)

Dr. Allison Sampson-Jackson PhD, LCSW, LICSW, CSOTP

Part 1/4 - Recognizing Trauma in Students: A Foundation
Part 2/4 - Responding to behavioral challenges
Part 3/4 - Pro-Active and preventative strategies
Part 4/4 - The Power of Data to build Social Emotional Competence
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