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A better way to connect with students

Emote Connect allows students to emotionally check-in and request support from teachers and staff, so you can spend more time engaging and less time reacting.

The app gives all students the space and agency to support themselves or get help from others.


Free + No Commitment

Changing the way you see your students

Facilitating Proactive Connection
Let us help you make connection daily and proactive
  • Students can easily share an SEL check-in and request support from an adult they trust
  • Staff are notified based on either support requests or risk patterns
  • Emote coordinates and manages follow-up to make sure opportunities are never dropped
Providing Access to Resources
Agency starts with access
  • Resource library that is personalized and responsive to need
  • Increase student usage of existing resources 3-4x
  • Reach all students, both internalizers and externalizers
  • Customizable (e.g. regulation strategies, counselor meetings, crisis hotline, and more)
SEL + Goal Data​
Continuous insight from the student perspective
  • Emotion and antecedent based data
  • Reports that show hidden trends
  • Automatic reporting that drives action
  • Goal tracking (e.g. IEP, BIP, Check-in/Check-out, and more)
Student Self-Awareness
An active part of your students' growth
  • Created with psychologists, school staff, and students
  • Carefully guides students to identify and communicate their experiences, needs, and efforts
  • Differentiated support for all grade levels
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