Julian Golder
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Julian tutors kids, climbs rocks, brews beers, and blows glass on his (little) spare time.


He also brings 12 years of experience in education.

Lei Xu
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Lei makes coffee, reads biographies, meditates, and dreams of traveling.

He brings technology experience from Google.


Building on 12 years of his own teaching experience as well as published research, Julian Golder became concerned about students who lose a lot of potential learning time when their life-circumstances generate powerful emotions, and schools’ inability to anticipate and respond well to those emotions leads to escalation from which recovery is difficult.

He and his business partner, Lei Xu, set out to develop a solution that enables teachers to quickly note whatever indicators they see and inform their colleagues, so that they can respond more quickly and empathetically to the student’s need before behavior escalates out of control.

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